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Public Speaking

/ Workshops

Do you have a conference or workshop that could really benefit from a mental health professional? Are you looking for a dynamic, knowledgeable, and engaging speaker to equip your leaders and the people of your organization? I would be honored to help! I am an international speaker who has spoken to a wide audience on an extensive range of topics primarily around mental health, Christianity, leadership, communication skills, relationship-building skills, and children’s programs. Some of my past seminars and conferences included:

Kingdom Culture: Teachers – a 5-day series to train elementary to middle school teachers and administrators who serve in the slums of Kenya on how to collaborate with their students, utilize skills-based thinking, identify systemic problems, provide structure in the classroom, understand attachment styles, and practice empathy and validation. The curriculum also includes using strength-based thinking, implementing positive psychology, building moral intelligence, understanding trauma, and practicing forgiveness planned for future training in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kingdom Culture: Missions - a 5-day series to equip a team of over 60 people regarding values and purpose outside of one’s comfort zone that included issues of prominent world problems, poverty, substance abuse, mental illness, and disabilities in Pécs, Hungary.

Kingdom Culture: Relationships - a 3-day relationship retreat for 200 young adults regarding principles and skills that equip them for successful relationships such as Attachment Theory and Gottman’s Four Horsemen in Taipei, Taiwan.

Kingdom Culture: Leadership – a 3 to 5-day organizational retreat for 30 to 120 young adults and church leaders on increased self-awareness and personal growth on experiential topics on personality and leadership style, identifying unconscious beliefs, art of affirmation, victim responsible, intention mechanism, feedback, and vision. This has been conducted with a team in multiple cities in Taiwan (Taichung, Taoyuan, Keelung, and Taipei) and Rowland Heights, CA.

Other topics included Communication Styles and Cultural Implications, Child Clinical Interviewing, Asian American pastors and their perception on mental health, Speaking with Confidence: A psychological perspective, Becoming Leaders in bicultural churches, Military Culture, and Approaching bullying from a systemic perspective.

If there is a topic of interest that may fit my psychology and/or faith background based on this current list or something else, feel free to contact me to collaborate!