If you have selected this page, my guess is that you are VERY close to getting your license as a professional therapist! Congratulations for getting this far! You are almost at the finish line to begin a very fulfilling and life-changing career! All you may be missing is your required post-doctoral or post-master’s clinical hours for supervision. The key to high quality supervision (much like effective counseling) is a safe place to refine one’s clinical skills and take necessary risks to learn them. I am a firm believer in the competency-based model for clinical supervision by Drs. Falender and Shafranske and attend their training every two years to maintain my competency. It is important for me to learn about your supervision style and what is most helpful for your learning process. We can go over transcripts, audio, or videotaped sessions to zero in on strengths and areas of improvement. My goal is to make sure you feel more confident and ready to take on your calling as a therapist! I have supervised a number of students and residents for the past few years and would be honored to help you on your journey as well!

If you are ready to complete your supervision hours, please contact me for a FREE consultation!