Family therapy addresses systemic and cultural challenges within a family that is apparently not serving everyone very well. Sometimes addressing each family member individually will not be enough to solve the family problem because the problem occurs when the family members are interacting with each other. There is nothing quite as awkward or powerful as family therapy. As most people know, we cannot choose our family members (though it is normal to wish we could switch certain family members at times!). We need to either learn how to work together and love one another as a family or experience potentially years of unnecessary conflict, distress, or no relationship at all. The aim is to move from distressing interactions to eventually embracing all the strengths and flaws within your family. There are often common misunderstandings, unresolved hurts, or communication deficiencies that can be addressed that can create a much more positive family environment and culture. This can be a very efficient way of dealing with family culture issues and provide you the tools to create a new family culture that works best for your family.

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