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Young Adult

 There is a saying that “30’s are the new 20’s.” The implication is that you still have a lot of time to mess around and figure things out. According to psychologist Meg Jay, that is probably the biggest lie for young people today. She believes that “Doing something later is not automatically the same as doing something better” and “To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.” Much like Starbucks, the era of “customization” and “choices” can leave a person feeling confused, indecisive, and fearful of the future. Some have coined the term “failure to launch” simply because the individual does not seem to meet the criteria for a “well adjusted contributing citizen.”

I do not believe you have to have everything figured out and your identity solidified in order to take steps in the right direction. If either you or someone you know seems to feel stuck and not where he or she wants to be in their life, counseling may be the very best investment to figure some of those things out. If you are feeling overwhelmed about the future, dissatisfied with your current job, and cannot wait to move out of the house, perhaps counseling can provide some clarity into the barriers that are keeping you here and how to break through them. Suze Orman said that “It's impossible to map out a route to your destination if you don't know where you're starting from.” Let me support you in discovering who you are and where you are in order to be who you want to be.