As a Clinical Psychologist:

“Dr. Yen has been incredibly helpful and an encouragement in my journey. I had an incredible experience with the amount of time he put into helping me. Dr. Yen is very knowledgeable and also helped me a ton with encouraging me in my own spiritual journey as well. Always prompts to respond, and is thorough in his responses. This was my first experience with therapy and I would encourage anyone who is questioning if it's something for them to just give it a try because it's something I will forever cherish. I highly recommend Dr. Yen.”

- Client A.M. after counseling on issues concerning trauma and abuse, and self esteem

I've been referring my patients to Dr. Timothy Yen for more than three years. As a Pediatrician, my families always ask me for recommendations for Child psychologists/therapists. It's often hard for them to take that first step to see a Mental Health provider. When I tell them how he's helped so many of my families, it makes it easier. The feedback I hear after they've seen Dr. Yen is always positive. He builds rapport easily with kids and their parents. I often send my most challenging families to Dr. Yen, because I know he'll take good care of them.

- Christina Thomas, MD. Pediatrician at Kaiser Permanente, Vallejo.

“After months of counseling for anxiety and depression for several months, I can definitely say I feel a lot better after working with Dr. Yen! This was an amazing place to come to when I really needed it, and I feel like I really learned a lot about myself and ways to cope with what I'm dealing with. He was remarkably patient and always had a solution to my problems---even if I was just coming back about the same thing multiple times. I'm very happy with how counseling went, and I can't recommenced him enough!”

- Client L after counseling on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, self-esteem, and career.

I give Dr. Yen 5 stars! I had a situation with my child since he was a toddler with ADD and ODD combined. It is very difficult when you feel like everything you try is worthless and the people that has to work with your child like teachers, etc. think that you aren’t doing anything to solve the problem and they just judge. I was afraid of bringing my child to a specialist and my child just refused at first. Then one day we met Dr. Yen who is young, fun and clever. My child started begging me to bring him in. I was surprised how good he is at managing each patient, their necessities, and always has a positive suggestion to improve the patient’s life and how he interacts with others. I think experience and creative thinking distinguishes Dr. Yen. I highly recommend him. 

- Mother V.H. regarding her two sons concerning issues of ADHD, ODD, and parenting skills.

Dr. Yen is wise, intuitive, insightful, and compassionate beyond words. As an elementary school teacher, I am faced with a myriad of challenges regarding children behavior and psychology. Dr. Yen has been a "go to" doctor for council and wisdom as I navigated children's behaviors in a classroom setting. When parents ask for references, I refer them to Dr. Yen, because I know they will be well taken care of emotionally, spiritually, mentally, psychologically, and physically.

- Esther Chen, Teacher at Bancroft Elementary School, Walnut Creek, CA.

“I have been struggling with depression, anxiety and ADHD for most of my adult life. Dr. Tim Yen is very patient and understanding. He is not pushing and is always willing to help you on your journey. He has taught me skill of managing stress, impulsion, acceptance and other coping strategies related to my anxiety.”

- Client N.E after counseling on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, addictions, relationship, family, trauma and abuse, grief, intimacy-related, sleeping, parenting, self-esteem, and anger

As a Public Speaker:

"Timothy Yen is a confident speaker who knows how to foster an environment that is fun, engaging, and informative for people to learn in. His ability to translate abstract principles into relatable activities makes him an excellent speaker on leadership. His courses have helped a lot of young people at our church to become more confident and wise in pursuing their dreams."

Peter Wan, Pastor at Taipei Bread of Life Church Youth and Young Adult Ministry.

“What Tim has going for him: ability to connect with his audience, regardless of age, gender or background, strong platform impression, speaks with reality in mind, not just theories and concepts, open minded and flexible, able to adapt to change, and high energy and passionate.”

Tim Wu, Director of Sales & Services at Staples, Inc.

As a Clinical Supervisor:

“I think Tim is probably one of the best supervisors I have had. He is incredibly supportive, funny, kind, and I really feel like he fully gets me and we are almost always on the same page. He challenges me in a way that feels like I am learning something about myself and how to always strive to be a better clinician. I definitely look up to him and feel like it is a really good match that he was assigned my supervisor.”

- Sara Dunnigan, Psy.D., Kaiser Permanente, Department of Psychiatry

“I have truly enjoyed working with Tim. He is full of energy and positivity that seems to rub off on those around him; it certainly did on me. He provided great structure and support throughout the entire year. I really appreciated it when Tim “got real” with me regarding life and work balance as well as job opportunities and next steps.”

- Jamie Hansen, Ph.D., Kaiser Permanente, Department of Psychiatry